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When you are fortunate enough to build your own home, you want someone who is smart, creative, and who is an all-around nice person to work with. Working with Chad Baccus was definitely all that plus more. We not only respect him as a builder but also as an individual with high values and standards.   From design plans to oversight, to vision, Chad Baccus is a hands-on builder/designer who has a vested interest in your home through quality control and solid relationships within the construction industry. We are very pleased with the quality of work and materials in the custom home he built for us. Chad’s true attention to detail and support is exactly what you want and need from a builder and he truly takes “ownership” of the projects he is working on.  He is capable of creating things in your home that are amazing and original. Chad made the home building process not only pain-free but enjoyable.  We absolutely love our home and are grateful to Chad for his commitment to quality and integrity!


Emilie and Colin Campbell

Due to the nature of our jobs, transitions, and relocations, Gwen and I have had many homes over the years. Some have been re-sales, and some have been new construction. While all were perfect for us at the time, we knew that none were our "forever home". We knew what we liked and wanted for our forever home, and we had lots of physical and mental pictures, but we never walked into one that flipped that switch for us or found a builder that we felt was that right partner to help us make that happen. That all changed when we found Baccus Jackson Custom Builders.


When we walked through a couple of completed homes, we knew immediately that there was attention to detail, passion, and pride, and we felt the same way when we met Chad. It was like a partnership from the start, and we always felt that he wanted us to be happy. He provided us a lot of flexibility to make our home unique and special, which was important to us, and we never felt threatened, intimidated, pushed or pressured. Chad absorbed a lot of what we liked and wanted, and he LISTENED. From the beginning to the beautiful end, nobody ran the show. Chad led when we needed to be led, and he followed our lead when we wanted to lead. There was always communication, and that made this an entirely collaborative process every step of the way. We visited the site almost every day, and we were like children every time we walked in the door (even before there was one).

Every little completed aspect just had us excited all over again and, even today, we are still amazed that this is our home.


With the look, quality, and attention to detail, we get endless compliments on our home, and we usually don't even get to say who our builder is before we are asked: "Who is your builder?". I can't imagine us ever building again since our forever home is perfect for us, but if we did, it would be Baccus Jackson Homes without a doubt. Who knows though, maybe at some point they will build our daughters' homes. Gwen and I would be totally fine with that. 

Terry and Gwen Swets

Yancy Jackson was the project manager for the custom home we built in Steiner Ranch. It was a true pleasure working with Yancy in our dream house. Before embarking on this project, I had heard enough horror stories on home building and home improvements. So I did my fair homework on choosing the right builder and the project lead - and we never regretted it! In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Yancy from the very conception, through implementation to final delivery of the house. I actually did learn from Yancy a lot about home building! :)


As an engineer myself, I liked dealing with Yancy because of the following reasons:

  • Yancy is very logical and analytical - he is a true problem solver. He is a patient listener and has keen observation

  • Yancy tried to first understand the goals of our project - and worked with us on the planning every step of the way. I am glad Yancy spent so much time on the planning details - as it made the project execution so so much better

  • Yancy is very very knowledgeable - and dove into the details to solve issues and worked towards any changes that we had requested for

  • Yancy always explained to me clearly why certain things should not be done which can potentially impact the structural integrity of the house. I always listened to Yancy and did as he suggested

  • Yancy worked with us every step of the way to make sure he meets the budget for the project - he will come with creative alternatives that will help to satisfy our new requests/budget without compromising on the quality or aesthetics of the product


Most importantly Yancy is a perfect gentleman to deal with. I always trusted Yancy - and he, of course, earned it! The net result is he finished the project 2 weeks before scheduled delivery and less than a 1% increase on the budget of a nearly $1M project. I will recommend Yancy to anyone who is willing to work with an honest, intelligent, hard-working dedicated project manager.


Pradipto Mukherjee

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