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Our design & build approach provides a turn-key process that allows the customer to design and collaborate directly with the builder from the beginning stages of the home. Baccus Jackson is knowledgeable about each phase of the building process, including the design portion, and will provide true and honest feedback to you. These personal relationships provide continuity throughout the process ensuring our client's vision is realized. 




We know that each client has their own preferences and tastes when it comes to design, structure, and necessity. Why try to fit those needs into a stock plan? With the design and build process, you can design the home to fit those needs and be a part of the process from the start. 



When your designer and builder collaborate from the beginning, unnecessary costs can be avoided and value, design and desires can be balanced with the buyer's budget. This team design method allows you, the buyer, to prioritize your spending to get the most value out of your new home. 



The Greater Austin area has many challenges. We are able to assess the site for any unknown costs or challenges to provide an upfront idea of what your build process will entail. Whether it's soil conditions or topography issues, we are able to give accurate information regarding costs and design benefits to maximize the positive elements of any given lot. 



We eliminate the miscommunications that can happen with a larger team by keeping things consistent throughout the process. You work with the same people from the initial meeting, to pre-construction planning, all the way through closing and warranty afterward. This consistency ensures your vision is carried out from beginning to end and provides an open and direct line of communication throughout the process. 



Quality is paramount from the plan design through the day to day construction. The personal and collaborative design/build process allows us to manage the home from its beginning stages on paper through construction eliminating any ambiguities or miscommunications that can arise when individuals are working separately. We engineer each home from the ground up with soil testing, extensive specifications and engineer designed slabs and frames. At Baccus Jackson Custom Builders, we strive to build each home as if It were for our family. 

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